Our Focus

RescueLife specializes in providing free educational services, primarily focused on delivering comprehensive first-aid training to public institutions such as schools, universities, NGOs and more in Ukraine. Our primary goal is to equip these organisations with essential life-saving skills, ensuring that communities are prepared to handle medical emergencies, especially in areas affected by conflict.

Additionally, we extend our training services to private entities, operating on a donation-based model. This approach allows us to reach a broader audience, including businesses and private organizations, who are interested in equipping their staff with vital first aid knowledge. The donations received from these trainings are reinvested into our mission, supporting our efforts to provide free training to public institutions and contribute to building a safer and more resilient society.


Ukraine Schools’ Lifesaving Education

Our free classes focus on essential first aid training, tailored to meet the specific needs of public institutions in Ukraine. These sessions cover a range of topics, from basic first aid techniques to advanced emergency response skills, particularly relevant in conflict-affected areas. Through these classes, we aim to empower communities with the knowledge and confidence to handle medical emergencies effectively.

Rescue Training: Firemen, Policemen, Military

Our hands-on training offers practical first aid skills for firefighters, police, and military personnel, focusing on non-tactical medical techniques that are directly applicable in their respective fields. These practical sessions are designed to enhance on-field preparedness and response capabilities, providing essential lifesaving skills without the complexity of tactical medicine.

Corporate First Aid Training: Donation-Based

We offer first aid training sessions to various private sector companies, from gyms to tech firms, on a donation basis. These trainings are tailored to suit the diverse environments of different industries, ensuring that staff are equipped with essential lifesaving skills relevant to their specific workplace. Our program not only enhances safety preparedness in these companies but also supports our mission to provide free training to public institutions through the donations received.

Institutional and Support Partners

This section showcases the invaluable support we receive from a broad spectrum of partners. These include various institutions and private companies who provide us with crucial assistance, ranging from material supplies necessary for our training programs to strategic and logistical support. Their contributions are essential in enabling us to effectively carry out our mission. We invite and encourage more organizations to join this collaborative network, offering a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in communities in need, thereby playing a key role in our collective effort to save lives and educate others.

Support as Our Impactful Sponsor

Our project’s remarkable impact, reaching over 2,000 individuals with free training, has been fueled by small donations and the founders’ investments, covering essentials like housing, fuel, and vehicle upkeep for travel across Ukrainian towns. The costs also include the maintenance and replacement of training materials, and the certification of our courses through the ‘Stop-the-Bleed’ program. While these expenses maintain our basic operations, our aspiration is to expand, growing our team and extending our reach across more regions in Ukraine, necessitating funds not just for sustenance but for the significant growth and increased impact of our lifesaving program.

Join us in our mission and play a pivotal role in enhancing and saving lives.

Our sponsorship program invites individuals and organizations to contribute financially, supporting our vital mission of providing lifesaving first aid training. Donations from sponsors are essential in helping us expand our reach and impact, ensuring we can continue to offer these crucial services to those in need, both in public institutions and the wider community.

Life-Changing Mission

Every donation is a vital lifeline, directly translating into saved lives by empowering more individuals with essential first aid skills in critical times.

Foundation Partners


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